Sunday, October 6, 2013

Endocrinology appointment tomorrow

Tomorrow I will have the phone appointment with my endocrinologist. She will explain my labs and in concert with my ultrasound I expect to hear that I am still clear of thyroid cancer. :)

After we have that phone conversation I will have to figure out what to do about the other symptoms I have and who I'm going to see about it. I wish that my care wasn't fragmented, and that physicians in the same HMO would just talk to each other and see if we could get a full picture of what's up. Maybe it's something small, I no longer feel all whipped up that it's something awful- but I don't feel resolved that it isn't, either, so I have to just see what is in the realm of possibilities.

It's nice to not have my days filled up with worries and cycling thoughts. If nothing else, the ultrasound was a milestone I could reach and pass and even if the information I gained didn't give me much to work with, it was enough to calm my mind. That's enough.

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