Monday, September 17, 2012

Scars and kids and adults and knife fights.

One interesting thing that's happened because of this wide, red scar on my neck, is that children see it and can't resist asking. I have to admit this - when the parents are looking extremely uncomfortable and embarrassed that their child has blatantly asked me, "What happened to your neck?" -- I die laughing inside. Not in a mean way, but it's just so cute, and so sad, that we don't have a better way of dealing with obvious scars, injuries, than to sort of choke back a horrified and apologetic laugh when the most honest of us does what they do- asks questions!

One little girl, special to my heart, has a ritual that whenever we're together, she has to swipe her finger across my scar. I can tell she needs to do it so I lean down, she does it, we both look at each other and laugh. I appreciate that someone acknowledges my scar. It's hard to miss it, it's red and still healing. I haven't gotten the chance to use my "Knife fight on the docks of Beijing" story yet which kind of bums me out. Heh!

I know it's not true for everyone, but I like being asked. The thing that I enjoy most about being asked about my scar is that someone knows me well enough (or feels from me) that I would be open to talking about it. I totally am. I had cancer, and now I don't- score!

Now if adults start walking up to me and stroking my scar, there may be an actual knife fight.

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