Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sick of it yet?

Are you sick of me yet? Sick of talking about cancer and sick of me bringing it up? Sick of me posting my link to Facebook so that someone can read my story- sick of me show boating about it? Sick of me whining about my little scar when people you love have died or suffered through chemo and amputations and hair loss and sickness?

Are you sick of hearing me cry because I'm scared about an ultrasound when it was 'just a little cancer'? Sick of it coming up in conversation? Sick of hearing about how my 2012 sucked? Sick of hearing me worry about every single time I have to go to the doctor and have something checked out, or my deep self-analysis into the 'why' I process the way I do?

Are you sick of my cancer?

I am too.

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