Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I think my medication is off. That could be a big reason why I feel cold all the time. It's not like, ooh, it's chilly today! when no one else is cold. It's a giant chill that washes over me, breaking my entire body out in goosebumps. Nothing warms me up, it lasts for a little while and then goes away.

In December I got very lazy with my medication and my TSH went up to 20. That's a pretty crazy number, labs look for a range of .5 - 4.0 as a 'normal' range. I didn't feel good, I was constipated and very sensitive to cold. I didn't break out in chills like this, but if it was even remotely cold, I would experience it as pain. It was sucky, I like to be cold!

So this is weird, but I am just wondering if maybe it's that my medication is off and things are jacked up. I hope so, that's fixable! I'll take easy fixes. ;)

Kind of lost my shit at my husband last night about kale. I think I'm a little tense. He says I need a good cry and I am sure he's right, it just never wants to come at a time I'm not with other people and can't just burst into long, sobby tears. I'm talking, grocery store, not hanging with friends. I'm NOT going to fall apart in a grocery store.

Today will be great. I don't have to think about it, so I'm going to hang out with a friend and come home and clean and cook dinner and hang out with my family, and go to bed. That sounds perfect. :)

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