Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Why blog, anyway?

Why document it, write it down- process it out loud, with an audience? Why do people want to read it, bear witness and hold the story?

We are so far away from each other, you and I. I read your notes on Facebook, so carefully worded and filled to bursting with your love for me. But the miles, or obligations, or the fact that we've never actually met in person, keep us apart.

Our words make a little window - your words reveal your heart, how I've touched you or changed you or enriched you, and mine reveal culmination of my enrichment from all of you, who are so far away, and allow you to tenderly touch this thing that is happening to me.

You are so patient with me while I struggle to decide what to say - the demons of, "Don't be so negative, no one wants to hear you complain!" and the confusion of wanting to create an accurate landscape in an inner world that seems to change within me, moment to moment. You are my anchor, my friends, my loves, my family, my Family - you anchor me here.

The many years you have all assured me that I am just right, right now. I am perfect in this moment, and right in the exact moment of the journey where I should be. That this is perfection, even though it looks like a big mess.

The distances make the words even richer, and mean even more, because often it's the only gift to give. I am so, so grateful for everyone, and every one. :)

Thank you for reflecting me in this world, the big love that creates us all, and holds us together. :)

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