Sunday, June 10, 2012

Henna and processing

Well I'm to the point now where my days are filled up with thoughts of normal life, interrupted intermittently with, "Oh, shit, I have cancer!" which never fails to surprise me. Every single time I think it, I'm surprised by the contents of that thought.

I am eager to get to the place where I feel serene and not so... impatient, put out, interrupted, angry about the inconvenience and the procedures, sad, awkward, invisible.

I fight this discomfort because I don't like it but I know it's perfectly where I need to be right now- part of the process of healing isn't just physical, I need to let myself get there emotionally and spiritually too.

On June 15th (if dates work out) I'll get to have MY OWN henna appointment- henna for me! I'm getting henna over my neck and upper chest (décolleté area). It feels like armor. I can't wait. :)

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