Monday, June 25, 2012


Today my thoughts are mainly around pooping. How to make it happen, being afraid it will hurt when it happens, and funny jokes like, "Nature calls. Hopefully 'doody' will, too."

Okay not ALL my thoughts are about that, and thankfully I've had enough small successes to be convinced I'm not turning into a giant ball of dung from the inside out. My appetite is less today than it was yesterday, I'm more tired and a little woozy which is interesting. But I am eating, I did poop, and I don't think that every single day I absolutely must be better than the day before.

I have no larger existential thoughts right now, I'm really just getting through the right now. Some times I get so uncomfortable- not necessarily pain, but just... the whole 'post surgery' thing, being stiff, achy, not sleeping comfortably, lack-o-poop, anxieties in the night- that I just want to literally crawl out of my skin and run away. And when I think of where I'd run to, I suddenly lose steam because I have no energy to even walk around my house for longer than 10 minutes at a time, much less... hah.. RUN! /snortylaugh

We're getting through it though. Spirits are still pretty high for the most part, and I'm just doing what my body tells me as far as resting/eating/etc. Randy leaves tomorrow and I'm curious about how it will go without his help. I guess Dryden won't be leaving the house until his dad gets back. I hope that Eidie gets to go hang out with friends and do fun things because while she's being very tolerant of all of this, she's certainly saucy about listening and I literally physically can not tell her more than a couple of times, and I certainly can't answer her calls from another room.

My voice is better today, I'm trying not to use it too much. I'm bored, but I don't want to do anything that's going to take up a lot of energy to do so I'm still reading this dreadful book that's killing me (the 4th Game of Thrones book, Feast of Crows - dreadful.) I am hoping the 5th book is worth whatever the 4th is setting up. I guess we'll see.

I want to go get a banana split from Baskin Robbins, my favorite 'hey your body is in recovery from something' ritual. Ugh. I have a ritual! That's awful. LOL!!!

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  1. People don't know how poop makes the world go round until poop refused to come out. May the poop force be with you.